Could This ‘Zit Stick’ Be The Answer To Our Break-Out Problems?


Glossier wants you to take a stick to your zit — A Zit Stick, that is.

The understated millennial-pink touting brand just released their benzoyl peroxide-based spot treatment that Allure dubs ‘a Tide pen for the face.’

It’s the brand’s latest foray into skin care as it already has soothing and moisturizing face masks, face washes, lotions, spray-on sunblock, serums, and a hydrating face mist; and just early this year, an exfoliating toner that has since been raved about in the industry called Glossier Solution.

Zit Stick is designed to be used on the go, with a translucent formula that can roll over or under your makeup.

“We started to think about how treating zits tends to be a private affair — something you wait to deal with until you can apply that thick, visible spot treatment at home,” said Melissa Souto, the brand’s director for product marketing and development in an interview with Allure.


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Kind of ingenious! Zits are unpredictable, and you could be going about half your day then when you finally take the time to look in the mirror, there’s a big angry red spot or a white head saying ‘Heeey girl!’ Makes sense to want to attack it right away, but who goes around with drying solutions or those pus-sucking stickers everywhere one goes?

“That’s what got us thinking about Zit Stick, a solution that lets you start to treat a pimple fast, the moment you feel one coming on, no matter where you are,” said Souto.

Zit Stick packs the punch of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to both exfoliate at and disinfect that pesky pimple.

But for those of us who’ve tried benzoyl peroxide and found it to be too drying , Glossier thought of us too.
Zit Stick has only half the benzoyl peroxide of many acne treatments to cut down on the risk of over-drying the blemish, but backs it up with capryloyl salicylic acid, which is a “gentler derivative of salicylic acid,” says Souto.

“It exfoliates the surface of the skin to reduce stress on the skin and help the benzoyl peroxide do its magic.”

Allure also talked with Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who said while capryloyl salicylic acid isn’t technically recognized as an acne-fighting ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration, it can be an important exfoliator.

“As a beta hydroxy acid, it helps exfoliate dead cells and removes excess oil from the surface of the skin…so it will likely give some benefit,” he says.

Zeichner adds that benzoyl peroxide is the ‘most effective’ treatment for acne.

“It works by lowering levels of acne-causing bacteria on the skin to help calm inflammation,’ he adds.

There’s also tea tree oil and soothing cucumber extract in there for quite the calming cocktail.

If you’ve got issues about the rollerball packaging, fearing a spread of bacteria or some odd globs upon application, Souto says to fear not, because it’s all been considered.

“We created the formula with the packaging in mind and vice versa to make sure that the consistency, dosage, and application was perfect, hygienic, and easy.”
The design “lets you work the product into the skin for a translucent finish without having to use your fingers,” Souto says.

The rollerball is also made with antimicrobial steel (and the entire point of the formula in it is to zap bacteria, so you’re pretty much covered in that department.)

“Unlike sponge or brush applicators that tend to be receptive to bacteria, [the anti-microbial steel]prevents bacteria growth,” says Souto.

But while it is exciting to crack open a new packaging (especially one as pretty as Glossier’s!) Zeichner advises keeping your eye out for any weird changes or effects the formula might have on you.
“If the product does not look, feel, or smell the way did when you purchased it, toss it,” he says.
Glossier’s Zit Stick will retail for $14 at


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