Zayn Malik Thinks ‘It’d Be Cool’ To Run For Office Someday


Senator Zayn Malik? POTUS Zayn Malik? If former One Directioner  Zayn Malik pursues politics, at least the titles will have a good ring to it.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, the British pop star and Dusk Til Dawn singer teased he’d maybe consider running for office in good ol ‘Murica as he was “a bit shocked” at how friendly Americans were when he moved here that he feels the country’s situation is “misrepresented across the globe.”

“No matter what color, what gender, what sexuality, what class — none of that matters here. People genuinely want to know you for who you are. And that’s how America should be represented across the world,” the 25-year-old singer said in the fashion magazine’s latest issue.

He left former band One Direction in 2015, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue music with American producers, then most recently to New York; where his style has evolved gracefully from the squeaky clean boy band look and sound, to singing R&B infused tracks leaning heavily on sex appeal.

While his arrival to the States coincided with President Donald Trump’s harsh policies on banning Muslims from entering the country, Zayn added in the interview he felt that because of the divisive policies, Americans are becoming more expressive about how they really feel about their government.

While we can’t get our hopes up too much that he run for a political position one day, at least we know he probably looks at America with a sense of hope.

“I feel like it’s a beautiful place,” added the singer.

Malik, who has gone only by his first name since launching his solo career, is famously of Pakistani descent and is one of the most visible Muslim men in Western pop music.


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