If You’ve Been In A Creative Slump, It’s A Sign To Make Time For Yourself


Ever been in a creative slump?

No matter the industries we belong in, one way or another we are all creating content; and often, the juice we need in our heads to create can feel like it gets all used up, so what’s a woman to do?

For some context, I work in the academe and it’s been a challenge adhering to administration policy while at the same time trying out new and ‘current’ ways to engage with students not just in their lessons but how they interact with me outside of the classroom, too.

I’ve gone through teaching myself how to edit pictures and videos on some pretty complicated software, tried to keep up with the memes, and how I can integrate them into my lessons in ways that won’t always warrant a groan from the class.

So, sitting at my dining table one Saturday night, materials spread around me, a sudden thought came to me: ‘Why am working at home on one of the two days that are supposed to be for me?’

I realized then that the reason nothing was coming to me creatively was because I had my life all about it, when there are so many other aspects of myself worth exploring and improving upon. It’s cheesy, but maybe the reason that it’s echoed so frequently among the many people who have come to realize it, was because it was true.

You can’t make your life all about one thing, in my case school and work; and I was trying too hard to come up with material for the only aspect of myself that I thought mattered.

I remembered I wasn’t just a teacher: I love to garden, I am athletic, I loved dancing and going out every now and then. I made a commitment to myself to engage in these interests that made me, me, and to see where it would take me.

Hopefully, fueling myself up with the things I love will also translate better for my work, and I hope this process does good for you too!



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