Young British Men Face Jail And Caning For Raping A Malaysian Woman


Three young British men were sentenced on Tuesday, August 15 to at least five years in jail and caning for sexually assaulting a Malaysian woman during a stag party in Singapore, reported Agence France Presse.

Khong Tam Thanh, Le Michael and Vu Thai Son, in their 20s, were initally accused of rape but pleaded guilty on Monday to a lesser charge of aggravated outrage of modesty after a four-day trial.

High Court Judge Hoo Sheau Peng called their “reprehensible” and sentenced the trio, who are British citizens of Vietnamese origin, to jail terms of between five and a half years to six and a half years.

They were also sentenced to between five and eight strokes of the cane each.

Caning is a punishment dating back to British colonial rule in Singapore and involves being flogged with a rattan stick.

The attack happened in Singapore in September last year, when the trio travelled to the city-state for a bachelor party. The groom, the brother of Khong, was also on the trip.

After attending an electronic music festival, the three met the 23-year-old victim at a popular nightspot, and she went back to a hotel with one of their friends.

Later, Khong, 22, Le and Vu — both 24 — took turns in entering the room where the victim was drunk and unconscious and raped her. The woman woke up while Le was raping her.

Khong and Vu, who worked as beauticians in Britain, were also convicted of an additional charge of sexual assault.

In Singapore, the punishment for rape, sexual assault, and other sexual offenses include imprisonment of no less than eight years but a maximum of 20 years, and can can be subject to the punishment of caning under the discretion of the court. Caning usually do not go below 12 strokes, according to Singapore Statutes Online.


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