Yes Way, Rosé! — 3 Facts You Need To Know Before Buying A Bottle


“Yes way, Rosé” amirite? There’s no denying that this pink drink is pretty, delicious and endearing. It’s a favorite summer drink that you can serve at a dinner table any time of the year, too.

Of all the wines made by the god of wine, it’s probably the most versatile. But there are some things you might not know about it.

That $50 Bottle Isn’t Worth It

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Generally, when it comes to wines, the more expensive (and the older the bottle), the better. In the case of the glorious pink drink that we’re talking about, it doesn’t really apply.

Grapes used to make them don’t need to be aged to taste great. Wineries usually spend money on a new oak barrel, that’s why reds and whites tend to be more expensive. But the thing is, most rosé brands aren’t even barrel-aged.

So, really, you shouldn’t be spending more than $20 on a bottle. Skip that $50 rosé, trust us.

It’s The Most Versatile Wine

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Eating red meat? Rosé that b**ch! In the mood for salmon? Rosé all the way!

As mentioned, it’s a versatile pairing for any kind of food and usually highlights the tastes at different points on your tastebuds. It doesn’t weigh down any flavor and ideal if you’re eating out and you’re ordering different dishes.

It’s Pizza’s Best Friend

Rosé tastes like heaven when you pair it with tomato-based dishes like pizza or spaghetti. Because of its elevated acidity, it balances out the acid from tomatoes and actually makes everything taste sweet and gorgeous.

Bottoms up, everyone!




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