You Won’t Even Believe What The Lawyers Of Brock Turner Are Cooking Up


What the hell? The lawyers of Stanford rapist Brock Turner want to make “outercourse” a thing.

He’s already received an infuriatingly lenient sentence for the damage he’s done to a woman attending a college party, now Brock Turner’s lawyers still want to argue his case by making the term ‘outercourse’  a thing.

Appealing to overturn his lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender after he was found  guilty for three counts of sexual assault back in 2015 at the Stanford University campus, Turner’s legal team now argue that he merely wanted ‘outercourse’ with the unconscious woman, not intercourse.

Turner’s lawyer, Eric Multhaup, stood before a panel of justices in the appellate court on Tuesday and said that ‘outercourse,’ which isn’t even a real word by the way, meant ‘sexual contact while fully clothed.’

As if to add to his definition of the non-existent word, Multhaup noted that Turner ‘had his clothes on’ when he was caught by passing graduate students assaulting the woman behind a dumpster.

Cosmopolitan reports that the three justices listening to Multhaup were ‘poker faced’ listening to his argument, and at one point, Justice Franklin D. Elia, looked to Multhaup and said, “I absolutely don’t understand what you are talking about.”

The report added that the panel of justices has 90 days— or until late October—to issue a ruling.

Mercury News reports Multhaup is specifically intent on overturning Turner’s conviction.

Since Turner’s conviction, plenty of things have happened to move the case forward in favor of the victim: Turner’s mugshot was printed in a textbook beneath the word “Rape;” voters in California removed Aaron Persky, the judge who gave Turner his measly six-month sentence, from the bench; and Stanford University removed and replaced the dumpster by which Turner assaulted the anonymous woman with a fountain, Cosmo added.

Turner served only three of his six-month sentence.



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