Women On Twitter Teach Us Hilarious Catcall Comebacks To Ward Off Creepy Men



These catcall comebacks from women on Twitter are the treasures of the 21st century.

Most women have experienced being wolf-whistled or cat-called more than once in their life – in the street, in a bar, in a coffee shop, in your college campus – really, there is no cat-call-free zone anywhere in the world (despite some cities having those).

Cat-calling may be a form of entertainment for some men but what they don’t realize is that it is a form of sexual harassment. By U.S. law, sexual harassment is any “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.”

Needless to say, being cat-called is a form of harassment – it makes women feel uncomfortable and unsafe. For generations, women have perfected the art of keeping their heads down, eyes on their feet and walking as fast as they could whenever they hear men say “Hey, sweetheart” or “Hi darling, what’s your phone number?” on the street.

catcall comebacks - how to respond

However, as if taking back the streets and empowering themselves, more and more women are responding to sexual harassment like pros and most of their responses are hilarious. So hilarious, they could throw off any unwanted sexual advance. Here are some responses to cat-calls you can try the next time a man screams “I got what you want!” at you on a parking lot.

Hinting that you eat sexists’ hearts

catcall comebacks - blood capsule


This Twitter user is teaching us how to “smile” properly at complete strangers who are dictating how you should act around them.

Keeping a dildo for distraction

catcall comebacks - dildo

Cause carrying a dildo is sooo un-lady-like, amirite?

Telling them exactly what you want

catcall comebacks - get hit by a bus

Cause some people just can’t take a hint.

Shutting Down An Old Creeper With An Age-Related Clap Back

catcall comebacks for creepy old men

We got a feeling he and Donald Trump will be best friends.

Sarcasm for the environmentally-conscious harasser

catcall comebacks - e-bike

Wash the burn off with a re-used rainwater from his home-made water-treatment system.

Play the match-maker

catcall comebacks

Birds of a feather, yes?

Donuts for bronuts

catcall comebacks - smiling with a donut

Ahhh. That beautiful, piece of baked goods.

Give a good boy what he deserves

catcall comebacks - bag of poop

Bombs away!

And lastly, giving them the finger

catcall comebacks - men who tell you to smile

Boy, bye.


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