These Women Reveal How It Felt Marrying After 40


Marrying after 40 isn’t exactly a new thing to hear (hello, it’s the 21st century!). Men and women these days often put on hold tying the knot to chase something greater or more exciting to them and that’s alright.

Marriage isn’t a competition in which the first to settle down gets a prize or a trophy. Everybody should do it on their own time – and that’s exactly what these women did.

We talked to 3 women and asked them how it felt marrying after 40 and their answers were nothing short of inspiring!

“Sweet and Stomach-Churning”

I was in a relationship with my husband for 4 years since college when he proposed to me the night when I got accepted into law school. Right then and there, I turned his proposal down. I was scared. I wanted the focus on my life and my end goal, which was to graduate law school and pass the bar exams and find a good law firm to work in. I wasn’t going to let marriage get in the way of that – no matter how much I loved him. We broke up right after. On my last year in law school, we got back together. He waited for me all those years! And he kept waiting until I found my footing in the law profession. That’s when he proposed again and I finally said “yes.”

My career is beautiful and successful. That’s the sign I waited for to get married. Marrying after 40 and kissing your husband for the first time felt like it did when I had my first kiss – It was sweet, stomach-churning and just plain wonderful.

Julia K., 43, North Carolina

“It Just Felt Right”

I got married really young because I got pregnant. At 22, I was raising a kid, trying to juggle two jobs and had a distant and detached husband. Everything in my life then were in shambles. The relationship got abusive. When I finally decided to leave him, I was 30. I never thought I’d re-marry at 41 because I was satisfied with my single mom life with my two, beautiful daughters. But then you just meet someone and you know it feels right. He was divorced, so he knew my pains. He also had to raise one step daughter and one son. My husband and I got married at a beach in Florida and for the first time, I felt the puzzle pieces come together. My daughters were crying, for the first time, that I had a man in my life whom they can trust and call “dad.”

— Ellen S., 46, Kansas City

“The Timing Was Perfect”

My friends used to say I was too emotionally unavailable but that’s not true. I just didn’t want to settle just because everyone was. I met my husband at work when I was 32. But I never thought he’d be my husband. To me, he was obnoxious and was 4 years younger than I was. He liked these predictable, folk rock bands while I liked Classical Music. Long story short, he was everything I never wanted in a guy. He annoyed me. Until we got to talk, half-drunk in a company party. And that’s when I saw a really deep and sensitive guy. So that’s where it started. After a few break ups and make ups, we got married 9 years later. The timing was perfect. I had accepted that love was no fairy tale and that sometimes you just need a best friend for life while I, according to him, taught him to think and feel again. Whatever that meant.

Geneviva R., 47, San Diego


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