Woman Marries An Ethiopian Prince She Met In A D.C. Club


In what might be the modern equivalent to Cinderella, Ethiopian Prince Joel Makonnen, a.k.a. Prince Yoel, tied the knot with Ariana Austin last month after seeing her at a D.C nightclub back in 2005, according to Mashable.

As per a New York Times article cited, Makonnen is apparently the great-grandson of Haile Seslassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia, which is a part of the Solomonic dynasty.

That night in 2005, a friend saw Makonnen and Austin together and mentioned that they looked like a poster couple for “an ad for Bombay Sapphire,” y’know, that swanky gin brand?

Makonnen didn’t mince words either when he declared to Austin: “You’re going to be my girlfriend.”

Talk about not wasting any time! Guess when you meet the one you’re sure to marry, it’s good to be straightforward.

But the travel to the altar was a long one, twelve years specifically, most likely after the standard “getting to know you” period, then they tied the knot and Austin is now officially a princess.

But that’s not to say she comes from a normal background: the NYT article dug up that Austin has noble blood coursing through her: she’s the granddaughter of the lord mayor of Georgetown, Guyana.

The couple wed in an Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony in Temple Hills, Maryland, surrounded by family and friends. 

While the prince and princess label sounds luxurious, the two certainly don’t lounge on thrones all day  long: Makonnen works at the Executives’ Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color, a ‘national philanthropic alliance that will “evaluate promising approaches, advocate for effective public policy and systems change, and invest in young men as assets for America’s future,”’ according to their website, and Makonnen works at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, a developer and distributor of medicines. 



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