How To Date A Strong And Independent Woman In Her 40’s


Turning 40 is indeed a pivotal time in one’s life – a woman in her 40’s is a woman on a mission – to become as fabulous as she was when she was in her 20’s only more mature, sophisticated, experienced and knows what she wants in life.

If you’re a single woman in your 40’s, you probably have a clear-cut vision of what you want in a relationship. Here are a few tips on how to date a woman in her 40’s.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Her Sexual Prowess

Women in their 40’s are more sexually confident. They know that being sexy doesn’t have anything to do with one’s weight or dress size – it’s more about embracing the things that feel good and natural. So, if you’re dating her, you’d have to be confident with yourself first.

Career Is A Part Of Her Life

A woman’s career is as important as any man’s career. These days, the free, independent and intelligent bunch of the world of women know that relationships can come and go but opportunities, the really great ones, don’t come very often. So if you’re the type that doesn’t like a woman on top, forget about a second date.

She Probably Has Baggage

Women in their 40’s have most likely gone through a lot of things in terms of relationships. You can only go through so many breakups without carrying some emotional baggage. She might be divorced or have kids or have missed out on a love of her life. Like any potential relationship, you need to take this with an open mind.

She Isn’t Infatuated With Marriage

Whether she’s been married or have always been single, a woman at this stage in her life is less likely to be obsessed with getting married. Most of them focus on the “here and now” of things.

She’s Not Obsessed With Having Kids

If your lady love has had kids, chances are, she isn’t as thrilled with having kids as her younger counterparts anymore. Forty is a stage when the chances of getting pregnant gets thinner by the day. So, if you’re not interested in kids either, your chances stand well with women in their 40’s.

Don’t Worry If You Got Nothing In Common

If you feel like your 40-year-old girlfriend isn’t as interested in basketball as your cheerleader ex-girlfriend or that she prefers to stay in on a Saturday night than to go to a bar, don’t worry much. Women in their 40’s are more likely interested in shared values and personality than shared interests.

She Doesn’t Want To Be Together 24/7

Unless your relationship is getting serious, dating a 40-year-old woman is a lot more freeing in the sense that she won’t be demanding your company every single second of the day. She understands that a relationship shouldn’t be the focus of one’s plate called life but rather as an extra side dish.

She Likes The Finer Things

This is true for most women – they prefer quality than quantity. She’d rather buy the $100 bottle of wine than the cheap one in a carton. Going out of town? Better make a reservation and not just turn up at the place, hoping to be walk-in clients. Remember – women in their 40’s are classier and want the things that add value to their lives. Better step up your game!


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