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Wine Makes You Smarter And Prettier, According To Science


As if we need an excuse to drink wine! Pinot noir, riesling, chardonnay – take your pick, any type of wine is good for you. A recent study says drinking wine makes us smarter, more creative and attractive.

In a new infographic by Vinepair based on a 2012 study by the University of Illinois, it has been found that a glass of vino can help boost brain power, allowing us to think more clearly and solve problems more efficiently.

That doesn’t mean you can gulp down an entire bottle of merlot in one sitting though and expect to be able to miraculously solve complicated mathematical problems – there is an alcohol level to this intellectually-stimulating effect of wine.

According to the study, you have to only be moderately intoxicated, with a BAC of 0.075.

Because of wine’s relaxing effect on the brain, it often leads to “sudden insights” which sober participants in the study have not thought of.

To top it all off, it has also been found that individuals who had a glass or two of that delicious, red goodness were perceived as prettier, healthier and generally more attractive.

This is because wine brings color in the cheeks and loosens up facial muscles and pupil dilation, which are primal signs of a healthy partner.

As far as benefits go, so far we have found that wine is good for the heart, can help you live longer, can be as good as an hour of physical activity and makes us feel more confident.

All the good rap we hear about wine just gives us a stronger affinity for the drink and makes us want to buy cheese and invite friends over on a weekday.

So far, the score sheet says:

Wine – 100 points

No wine – 0



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