Wet N Wild To Release 50+ New Products For Halloween Lovers


The go-to budget friendly  makeup line of all beauty and makeup lovers, Wet N Wild is inviting you to play with its extensive (50+ new products!!) new makeup line exclusively for Halloween 2017 geared to bring out your most colorful or creepy Halloween makeup creations.

It’s no secret makeup junkies love using Halloween as an excuse to really flex their creative juices in coming up with crazy looks to fit their costumes: whether it’s cotton candy, unicorn-woodland fairy- mermaid queen inspired, grunge makeup ala Courtney Love,  or even the most mind-boggling, grotesque looks to send young children screaming for their parents. (Hint: The just released ‘IT’ movie is gonna conjure up some pretty interesting clown looks from the beauty world this Halloween.)

Dubbed the Fantasy Makers Edition, the collection boasts new lipsticks in some pretty out-there colors, new Catsuit liquid lip shades to complement your artsiest pumpkin spice latte flat lay, makeup stencils to cinch that perfect skull shape, and eyeliner, mascara, and loose pigment glitter colors that can stretch even to next year’s 4th of July, coupled with eyeshadow palettes for every mood, the creepy-cute Wet N Wild Halloween collection is sure to send Halloween and makeup lovers over the moon.

As if that doesn’t tickle your fancy already, the products start at $2! Daaaang, Wet N Wild does.not.play when it wants you to have a good time.

Reviews on the collection are also popping up, and as always, the Internet will always give its two cents on the things that matter (lol):

“A good black lipstick is hard to find and this is the best one I’ve run into so far. If you are careful it will last a while and not smudge unless you mess with your lips.”

The collection is available now at all your favorite drug stores, but be quick! It’s only for a limited time. Here are some of the envy-worthy products that they’re offering:

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