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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Bella Hadid And The Weekend Memes To Make You LOL

victoria's secret fashion show - bella hadid and the weekend

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 was filled with gorgeous Angels, sparkly wings and buzz about Bella Hadid and The Weekend. The reason? Well, just a few days before the fashion show, they broke up. Which makes things a little bit awkward on the runway since Bella made her VSFS debut and The Weekend was performing. Except, it wasn’t awkward at all.  In fact, the look that Bella and The Weekend shared was quite sweet and because we live in a digital world, people on the internet were quick to post what they had to say about the friendly exes on the VSFS runway in the form of memes. Here are some of the funniest we could find.

1. Rejecting Exes Tinder-Style

Bella Hadid and The Weekend - victoria's secret fashion show

For those who have no idea what Tinder is (have you been living under a rock?), it’s a dating app that lets you “swipe left” or reject a person based on his/her Tinder profile.

A Twitter user came up with a genius idea to combine Tinder and Twitter to create this meme of Bella and The Weekend, saying: “When you’re on the road to prosperity, your ex tries to distract you… but you swipe LEFT!”

2. When Running Into Exes Ruins Your Education


PSA: No ex-boyfriend encounter is worth your education. We repeat, no ex-boyfriend encounter is worth your education. 

3. Fashion Turns To Drama

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016: Bella Hadid runs into The Weekend

This Twitter user may have watched too many Vampire Diaries or Reign episodes. Nevertheless, Bella would be perfect to play the role of a queen.

4. Our Worst Fears Realized


Nothing feels as terrible as running into an ex in a less-than-ideal situation. Bella may have looked gorgeous AF during this moment but unfortunately, not all of us are as lucky.

5. Dreams Coming True


If not everyone is as lucky to look as beautiful as Bella in a meet-the-ex moment, well, at least she represented every girl’s fantasy.

6. Hungry Looks


Your struggles are our struggles, Ali Drucker.

7. The One That Got Away

Bella nails the whole “Looking-hot-AF-and-your-ex-instantly-regrets-breaking-up-with-you” look.

9. Kissing Bad Relationships Away


Lastly, in this photo, Bella inspires us to kiss away the past and look forward to the future.

Can’t wait for next year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!


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