Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016: Angels Wore Their Natural Hair On The Runway


victoria's secret fashion show 2016 - angels wear their natural hair

So many changes in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016! Not only are there new models but there’s a major change in the Victoria’s Secret Angels this year.

The sexiest runway show in the world has always been known to enhance their models’ already gorgeous features the way the wonder bra enhances women’s… um… curves.

This year, however, VSFS 2016 went the “natural” route with the Angels’ hairdo. According to reports, the models were encouraged to wear their natural hair length and texture, letting go of the usual long, wavy hairstyles the Angels have been known for on the runway.

victoria's secret fashion show 2016 backstage

It’s the first time that the brand actually encouraged hair diversity on their show, although last year, Angolan supermodel Maria Borges made the bold move to walk the runway without hair extension and any other fancy hairstyle.

“It was important [to have this moment]but it mostly felt natural. To me, it was the right thing to do,” Borges said of her natural hairstyle during VSFS 2015. “Being yourself is always the right thing to do. By being yourself, I mean choosing the hairstyle that you want, not what people ask you to do in order to be beautiful or sexy in their eyes.”

Maria Borges - victoria's secret fashion show 2016

This year, Boges did the same, along with the other models like Jourdana Phillips, Herieth Paul, Alana Arrington and Dilone, among others.

“It’s about the whole idea of embracing everyone’s natural beauty,” said VSFS hairstylist, Sarah Potempa.

Dilone at the victoria's secret fashion show 2016

As for the gorgeous ladies who chose to wear their hair long, Potempa applied what she calls a “lived-in” type of hairstyle.

“The waves have gotten looser, sexier, and a little more lived-in,” she said.

“This year, the waves are going to be more polished, a really healthy wave with a lot of volume, but more French chic, so you’ll see a little more of a beautiful, modern type of blowout,” Potempa explained. “You’re still going to get that volume, but you’re going to see more of a wave.”

Well, well. It seems that Victoria’s Secret is singing a slightly different tune this year when it comes to standards of beauty. Just a few weeks ago, they released an unretouched photo of Jasmine Tookes wearing the $3-million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.

victoria's secret fashion show 2016 - Fantasy Bra

And seeing how the Angels looked even more stunning during the fashion show without the long, Barbie-doll kind of weaves and wigs, let’s just say that the brand is on its way to nailing this whole “embracing natural beauty” trend.


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