Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra 2016: Jasmine Tookes Looks Stunning In Unretouched Photo


victoria's secret fantasy bra 2016

Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra 2016 is here and it’s promoting real beauty!

For the first time ever, Victoria’s Secret releases an unretouched photo for its Fantasy Bra 2016 campaign and the world is watching!

Victoria’s Secret has long been known to use too much airbrushing and Photoshop for their campaign shoots. Even with their line-up of gorgeous, long-legged, seemingly perfect supermodels, the brand has never taken a natural, no-filter approach to their advertising materials – that’s until now, when the Bright Night Fantasy Bra promotional ad features the beautiful Jasmine Tookes sans Photoshop.

At first glance, the photos for the said campaign looks like a normal VS ad material with the young model striking a pose for the camera.
She is seen wearing the most expensive lingerie in the world to date — The Bright Night Fantasy Bra is a diamond and emerald encrusted lingerie estimated to be worth $3 million and Tookes is the lucky girl to have worn it for the first time.

However, the photos released by Victoria’s Secret appears to showcase more than just the bra – it showcases Tookes in her most natural form. If you look closely, you can see stretchmarks up her legs and some hair in her armpits (because yes, that’s how actual women look like IRL!)

victoria's secret fantasy bra 2016

This surprising move from Victoria’s Secret may be due to the fact that many fashion brands and even celebrities in recent years have spoken out about the excessive use of Photoshop in magazine covers and promotional materials that set an unrealistic standard of beauty for women everywhere.

Tookes also posted another photo of from the shoot on her personal Instagram profile, this time, wearing pink underwear.

“Best feeling is being back in your own bed💖 #HomeSweetHome,” Tookes captioned the photo, looking stunningly carefree on a lavish bed.

According to reports, Tookes will be walking the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wearing the Bright Night Fantasy Bra.


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