Victoria Beckham Gets Mom-Shamed For Her Son’s Tattoos


Victoria Beckham is probably eyerolling at all these mom-shaming comments over 19-year old son’s tattoos.

The Beckham family: fashion designer extraordinaire mom Victoria, soccer star and model father David, and their gorgeous children, who are all coming into their own in their own ways, are arguably one of the most famous families on Earth so you bet anything they decide to share with us on social media will be gobbled right up.

So when Victoria shared a snap of her and eldest son Brooklyn, 19, which she jokingly captioned “Contemplating how to rate today’s Uber driver 🤔 #whynoshirt,” people were quick to swoop in and try to tell them how much better they are at parenting than Victoria when they thought Brooklyn had ‘too many tattoos.’

“Oh Brooklyn don’t cover your beautiful skin with too many tattoos. Fresh beautiful skin is amazing too,” one person wrote.

“Don’t have too many tattoos Brooklyn you’re stuck with em when they’re no longer fashionable,” another added.

“The parenting of these kids seems so laisse fair [sic]but sometimes people should stop and think about whether they’re moving too fast,” one opined.

“As a mother, I would have NEVER posted a picture like this. Nothing to be proud of,” moaned another.

Honestly, do you think Victoria cares what you do with your family?
First off, he is 19, and can get tattoos without his parents’ consent and as an outlet to express his tastes in art.

Second, people on the Internet get so ballsy telling celebrities what they think looks good or not. Newsflash, they probably saw your comment and still didn’t care.

And lastly, what makes some people so sure they know what’s going on in the Beckham household that they can call Victoria’s parenting crappy?
But while there were bashers aplenty, fans of the fashion designer and erstwhile popstar were also quick to come to her defense in the comments, calling out the mommy-shamers and those who think they can dictate Brooklyn’s tastes for him.


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