You Can Now Buy A Vagina Highlighter To Make You Glow Down There


Yes, you read this headline right — vagina highlighter is now a thing and it’s officially the golden age of makeup.

These days, makeup brands and trends know no boundaries. We have feather eyebrows for that extra brow pop, we have the ice cream makeup to melt all beauty standards and now, there’s a vagina highlighter to make you glow and shimmer down there like the goddess that you are.

Shades of V promises to add extra prettiness to the V, which they describe as  “that pretty little triangle — sometimes neat, at other times unruly, but always perfect and unique in its’ own personal way”  by adding luminosity and iridescent color to your skin down there. It brightens and corrects imperfections and contains skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and Elderflower.

#Repost from @sandrawiller: Discovered an amazing new beauty/skin care product today @dollfacecopenhagen Salon – called @ThePerfectV. As a woman, I feel it is Important to take care of every single body part – nothing but the best, and now there will finally be a product, and It’s nude blush too! #theperfectv

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While the product is only available in Scandinavia, we expect American brands to catch on and make all our V’s glow ASAP.

Of course, all vaginas are made beautiful and you should embrace it as part of you, in your most natural state. But if you’re a makeup addict who simply can’t pass up the opportunity of having an iridescent body part in your pants, then by all means, go crazy.

It’s important to note that anything you put on your Va-jay-jay could have some kind of adverse effect, after all, it’s a very delicate part of the body. So, when applying any product, always exercise caution and reflect on whether or not it will be worth it.


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