Universal Truths 40-Year-Old Women Know To Be True


There’s something significantly different about 40-year-old women. What once were your weaknesses become your strength. You feel more in control of your life — like you actually know what you’re doing. The things that used to become a burden now poses as a challenge to you and at the end of the day, you rise above it all.

While things may be different for every woman, the experience of turning 40 and having seen all you’ve seem and felt all you’ve felt will most likely make you realize the following universal truths:

That Quality Trumps Quantity

When you were younger, you believed in the maxim, “the more, the merrier.” The more friends you have, the better life is. The bigger servings from a fastfood chain is preferred than the mid-sized portions in an organic restaurant. But people become more concerned about the quality and durability of things once they reach the age of 40. Will it serve you for the long haul or is it just temporary? By this realization, women in their 40’s make better and conscious decisions.

Commitment Rather Than Desire

In terms of relationships, 40-year-olds put a lot more attention to a partner’s willingness to commit rather than superficial things like a job, a degree or the looks of a person. At this stage, shared personalities, beliefs and values are more attractive to them than a shiny, new car or a chiseled body.

There Life Has To Be Balanced

Women in their 40’s know the value of both career, love and family life. With this, they become unquestionable in their abilities to balance all aspects of life. This goes with spending your money and your eating habits, too. At this point in life, you’re perfecting your financial blanket. You choose healthier food and sleep earlier. In this sense, life at 40 becomes more conscientious.

Career And Education Than A Fling

40-year-old women know that people come and go but the fulfillment and opportunities that comes with education and career are once-in-a-lifetime. You’ve seen enough of the world to understand that one’s purpose can’t be found in a partner but rather, in constantly improving yourself. Because of this, 40-year-olds would rather go for a great and fulfilling career than a night of meaningless sex.

Planning Is Your Best Friend

We’ve been told to become spontaneous and happy-go-lucky when we were young — that trying too hard isn’t attractive. Or that a 10-year life plan is boring. But the truth is, planning things actually improves your quality of life. Traveling to a new place? Plan your activities to make the most of your time. Research the best restaurants to go to and the spots to avoid. Book a hotel ahead of time instead of relying on pure luck as walk-ins. Women who have mastered the art of planning almost instantaneously see the changes in their lives.


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