Why Understated Makeup Is So Pretty You Will Become Obsessed


understated makeup

These days, the trendy makeups are those with full eyebrows, contouring and full, matte lipsticks. But sometimes, we get surprised by how a little deviation from the trend becomes art in itself and we become totally obsessed.

London-based makeup artist Anne Sophia Costa is setting a new trend by bringing understated makeup into the fold – dewy skin, shimmery eyeshadows and the occasional far-fetched color to give an edge to a whole look – these are just some of the reasons why you should check out her experimental works of art:


  1. Understated Makeup Is Easy On The Eyes


    cute understated makeup

    Look at this very natural-looking makeup! No fuss, just pretty

    understated makeup

  2. Understated Makeup Doesn’t Cover

    Freckles? Spots? Sorry but you’re gonna have to rock those so-called “imperfections” *eye roll* because understated makeup doesn’t cover, it illuminates.

    understated-makeup-4understated makeup

  3. Understated Makeup Is Surprising




    Fresh understated makeup

    Anne Sophia Costa’s approach to understated makeup is natural, dewy, nude and then WHAM! Add a surprise popping color somewhere in there.


    Glossy understated makeupCosta’s work is so fab, she is taking the glossy magazines by storm. Exhibit A and B: Harper’s Bazaar and Metal Magazine.


    understated makeup

    “Makeup I did for Harper’s Bazaar UK @bazaaruk October issue is out now,” Costa wrote on Instagram.

    understated makeup


    Maisie Williams - understated makeup

    “My last cover is out now! With @maisie_williams wearing @louisvuitton on the Autumn issue cover of @lofficielitalia photo by @jbaron01 , styling @mctripier , hair by @_roryrice_ , makeup by me #annesophiecosta” | Instagram @annesophiacosta

    Costa was born in Lisbon in Portugal and worked as a freelance makeup artist in the fashion industry since 2011. You can check out more of her work in her official website: www.annesophiecosta.com.


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