How To De-clutter Your Apartment Before Moving In Together


Moving in together? We can imagine you biting your nails until the big day because no matter what anyone says, moving in together with your significant other (S.O.) is a milestone in any relationship.

Moving in means you’re ready for a bigger commitment. It also means you can’t invite booty calls and one-night stands back to your place for a little late-hour pick-me-up anymore.

Most of all, moving in means you might be in love! ( Or just need someone to cuddle).

To prepare for the big day, you might have to do a little de-cluttering of your house or apartment so you can trick them into thinking you’re not the kind of person who leaves strands of hair in the sink or dirty underwear on the floor.

Here are some things you need to throw out before bae moves in with you.

Old Clothes

Everyone has “fat jeans” or “I-might-need-it-one-day” dresses or just really fashionable pieces ten years ago that you’re secretly hoping would become trendy again. Unfortunately, when you ask someone to move in with you, that means you might have to share closet space. Let go of your mom’s skirt from the 80’s and other things you don’t really wear anymore. Your bae will be grateful for it.

Beauty Products

Same goes with cosmetics and beauty products – if you don’t use them (or have exceeded the usual twelve months shelf life), it’s time to toss them out. Let go of the small sample bottles and sticky lipstick tubes. Aside from saving space, you’re saving your face (from irritation and infection).


Come on, do you really need that copy of Cosmopolitan from April of 2009? We know, we know, Ashley Tisdale looked great in it and she was your inspiration back then but there are online magazines now. Instead of keeping those old, dusty copies, buy yourself an online subscription.

Old Spices

Open your kitchen pantry and we bet you have old spices that have been there for at least a year. Not only is this unhygienic, it also creates a clutter you don’t need in your life. You’re gonna do a lot of cooking together with your S.O. soon, so you better clean up.


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