4 Types Of Bangs For Your Face Shape


Bangs, whether or not they’re in style, always manage to make a statement. It’s easy to notice them, especially if it looks good on you.

On the flip side though, the wrong type of bangs could make you look like an annoying character in a bad TV show or a kid who’s a victim of their mom’s blunt kitchen shears.

It’s kind of tricky, too because before you even think about getting this style of haircut, you have to take into consideration your face shape. Whether you have a round face, a long one, a heart shaped face or a square jaw, you have to work with what you got.

To help you look like a supermodel rather than a kindergartener, here are some of the most popular types of bangs for every face shape.

1. Side-Swept

Types of bangs for every Face shape

Side-swept look good on round faces because it softens the edges and creates an illusion of length. Plus, if you have a wide forehead this type of bangs will cut the width in half.

2. Soft But Blunt

Types of bangs for every Face shape

If you have an oval face, most haircuts would look good on you. As for haircuts, soft blunt bangs are best for this face shape. It can also visually draw attention away from a long chin.

3. Long And Layered

Types of bangs for every Face shape

Long and layered have the power to soften hard jawlines, which is a distinct feature among square-faced beauties. You can split the layered bangs in the middle, too, to create an “A” layered bangs. This creates an illusion of length.

4. Baby Bangs

Types of bangs for every

Baby bangs look cute on heart shaped faces because it falls on the middle of the forehead, balancing it out visually. Baby bangs are more feathery than the blunt cut, which softens your features easily.


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