Twitter Answers All Our Relationship Questions And Why Dating Is Hard


realtionship questions - why dating is hard

In this day and age of cellphones, Wi-Fi, social media and different forms of instant communication, you’d think we’d have all the answers to all our relationship questions. Unfortunately, millennials seem to be having a more difficult time finding someone to love or even getting a second date than the generation before them.

Fortunately, a Twitter hashtag was born to let us vent all our frustrations about love and dating and to make light of the fact that we’re all clueless human beings when it comes to relationships. Twitter users used the hashtag #DatingIsHardBecause to say the funniest, most on-point reasons why millennials can’t seem to find love.

Here are some of the best #DatingIsHardBecause Tweets we have found.


1. Because Food > Dating

relationship questions

This guy has a point though. Let’s be honest: Would you rather have a slice of four cheese pizza in your mouth or heartbreak?

2. Because It’s Siri’s Fault

relationship questions

Siri never gets anything right, does she?

3. Because Twitter is Life

relationship questions

No one puts Twitter in the corner.

4. Because High Standards

relationship questions

This guy get real about his take on relationships. Sometimes we like people that are way out of our league (e.g. having an insane crush on Ryan Gosling and Dave Franco).

5. Because Book Characters

relationship questions

Does your most pressing relationship questions include: “Why can’t I find someone compatible with my personality, goals and life?” The answer: You’re waiting for Romeo, Mr. Darcy or Augustus Waters.

6. Because The Mirror Lies

relationship questions

Read this Tweet and say: “Me.”

7. Because Social Media

relationship questions

If anything, Facebook and Tinder has made dating all the more complicated. Amirite?

8. Because Your Bed Is Comfy

relationship questions - why is dating hard?

Because no invitation could trump our love for sleeping. Beds offer comfort. Dates cause crippling anxiety.

9. Because Guys Want A Circus

relationship questions - dating is hard

Seriously, some guys (not all) just can’t be contented with one woman.

10. Because The Earth Is Dying

relationship questions about dating

If you think about it, all our efforts in dating will turn to dust once the Earth implodes.

11. Because A Text Message Can Make All The Difference

relationship questions - why men lie

This is why we need to stay away from our phones after a fight.

12. Because Cats

relationship questions - cat man #DatingIsHardBecause

A comforting thought: If you never find your soulmate, at least you’ll die in the presence of your 12 cats.

13. Because This Truth Bomb

relationship questions- how social media affects relationships



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