Trying To Get Pregnant At 30? You Should Avoid These Foods


30 is a pivotal age and the years following that will be some of your most life-changing ones. During your 30’s, career changes will happen and your role in your family changes from child to adult who’s also starting to take care of his/her parents. It’s also a time when most of your friends are getting married and starting their own families. It’s a time for you to have babies! (That’s if you want to have kids, of course.)

Emotionally, you become mature enough to deliver another human being in this world and raise him/her in the best way possible. Although your chances at conceiving are still pretty high, the odds of having a miscarriage by age 30 have increased to 20% compared to your 20’s.

Among the reasons why you might not be getting pregnant or suffering miscarriages is your diet. Here are some foods you should avoid if you’re trying to get pregnant.


trying to get pregnant - avoid alcohol

It might be a little unrealistic to say you should go cold turkey on alcohol because hello? Wine? But if you must drink, limiting your alcohol intake to 5-7 per week increases your chance of getting pregnant. Research has shown that excessive alcohol intake could contribute to infertility and decreases Vitamin B in your body, which is essential for fetal growth.


trying to get pregnant

Sushi or any other dish that uses raw animal products, seafood and eggs. Raw animal products contain bacteria and salmonella that might infect a fetus and prevent it from growing. Only eat food that are well-cooked and cleaned.

Bottled Drinks

trying to get pregnant - avoid bottled drinks

Some plastic bottles may contain BPA, an industrial chemical substance used in plastic production that could seep into food and drinks. Research have shown that BPA can affect the brain development and behavior of fetuses and children. If possible, always use glass or stainless steel containers.

Potato Chips

trying to get pregnant - avoid potato chips

Potato chips, microwave pop-corns and basically fried and packaged foods that you see in the supermarket contain trans fats, which are not only a danger to you, it could also make it harder for you to conceive. Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol levels and lowers your good cholesterol levels, increasing your chances of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s better if you avoid eating pizza, fries, cookies, biscuits, crackers and the like.


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