Toddler Goes Missing After Dad Leaves Her Outside As Punishment


In a horrible event that would lead any parent scrambling for help, a three year old girl has gone missing Saturday after her father left her outside their house at night for not drinking her milk.

Wesley Mathews, 37, has been charged with child endangerment as police continue to look for his daughter Sherin, an India-born girl that they adopted and who is said to have developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills.

According to a report, Mathews made Sherin stand outside alone at night by a tree in their Richardson, Texas property as punishment for not finishing her milk, and when he returned 15 minutes later, she was not where he left her.

Police in the area fear she has been abducted and have already issued an Amber Alert in their town but discontinued it Tuesday, after police couldn’t find any leads in the case.

Mathews said there have also been sightings of coyotes in their alleyway near where Sherin went missing.

But what really has authorities riled up is the fact Mathews did not report the child missing until five hours after she went missing, adding that it was “concerning”.

Obviously, police need to know about cases such as these earlier in order to have a shorter time frame on the sequence of events.  

Child protective services have also removed Sherin’s four-year-old sister from the home.

The family has apparently also had previous contact with Child Protection prior to the incident, but did not specify on what case, added the NBC News report.

Police said they are still working with the FBI, Department of Public Safety, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other agencies to investigate forensic evidence, laptops and surveillance footage from neighboring homes.

Investigators said she was last seen wearing a pink top and black pajama bottoms.


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