When You Have A Guy Best Friend Who Expects Nothing From You


To My Guy Best Friend:

I remember the looks we would get and how hilarious we always found it, when they were always trying to ‘figure us out.’

The early morning that I called you up to rant about something, and even though you were tired from teaching your college class, you picked up and listened to me go on and on.

You were always up for a good time, but stayed for the bad ones too.

You were never one to judge about that time when I got involved with a not-so-nice man and cried about it when it was over, and laughed when I asked to go out for ice cream when I got over it.

You can always rest assured I have your back when yet another relationship of yours bites the dust, and I am never mean to a girl that you like unless it call for it.

The joy you took in your achievements was mine as well, and you were also exultant in mine.

I never once had to feel indebted to you; because you never made me feel that I owed you anything.

It is always a relief to know I have you to run back to when my need for ‘alone time’ is over, and the same for you towards me.

I am amazed I have found the male version of myself, yet you are very much your own individual; I guess it’s just because you respect my choices and preferences that I never feel I need to impress you.

Your kindness is boundless, your patience that of saint.  This especially holds true when I got drunk that one night and you took me home in one messy, vomiting piece.

I don’t think the shirt and sports bottle I bought you could ever serve as payback for keeping me safe.

My dear best friend, who just happens to be a guy, thank you for never expecting anything from me apart from the friendship you showed me.

Thank you for being the way you are, and may we be the way we are now, through time.


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