Water Experiment Shows How Negativity Affects Our Well-Being


You may not realize it, but the thoughts and words that we hear and the ones we let out into the world have an effect on our health, well-being and state of mind.

Notice how you tend to lose energy if you’re in the same room with someone who is always complaining, or overly critical about everything and everyone? It’s toxic to you and sometimes, it will show in your health.

Alternative Medicine practitioner Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in Water, devised an experiment that he believed would allow negative and positive words and thoughts to manifest.

Dr. Emoto believed that human thoughts and words had an effect on water, and seeing as how humans are made of a large percentage of water, it affects us too.

In his experiment, he took three beakers and filled I t with equal parts rice and water. Everyday for a few weeks, he would greet and speak encouragingly and fondly with the rice and water in the first beaker, he would curse at the second beaker, and completely ignore the third.

For the next few weeks, Dr. Emoto claimed that the first beaker’s rice had fermented nicely, producing a pleasant smell.  The second beaker’s rice and water, which he had continually cursed at or admonished, he found that the rice had turned black and frankly, really gross.

Meanwhile, the third beaker’s water and rice mixture, which he had ignored continuously over the duration of the experiment suffered the worst, as it started to rot and stink; quite different from the second beaker’s toxic appearance.

Peep at the whole experiment here:

Dr. Emoto theorizes that if we apply the experiment to our daily lives, we will also turn out like rice one way or another: constant encouragement and kindness allows us to flourish, while admonition and toxic criticism can wear us down and have other negative effects.

This also applies to how we treat everybody else around us — our peers, elders, children, pets — that our thoughts and words have an effect not just to ourselves, but everyone around us.


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