These Fashion Sketches Made With Nail Polish Are So Pretty It Hurts


Fashion sketches are works of art, whether you like them or not. The internet is filled with awesome artists with their own brand, style and medium of art. We got the usual ones with their paint, brushes and canvasses. We have artists who sculpt and mold incredible pieces. But every once in a while, we discover artists who use the most unexpected tools to create their masterpieces.

Chan Clayrene, a visual artist based in Singapore, has been gaining attention for her unique take on sketching haute couture designs. Instead of the usual charcoal pencil and other art materials, Clayrene uses nail polish for her fashion sketches.


Nail polish is one of my favorite cosmetics, I love them because of its glossy shine effect, the most inspiring thing is it gives new life to our ordinary nails!” Clayrene told Bored Panda.

Some of her nail polish sketches can be seen in her Instagram profile, @artclaytion. Here are some of the prettiest designs on her account (they’re so pretty, it hurts)!


Each design was made carefully, with special attention to details.


Clayrene’s nail polish fashion sketches are so intricate, they almost look real and at the same time, surreal. Incorporating nail polish into her work is also a genius move, since they add texture and dimension to what would have been just regular fashion sketches.


As if sketching on paper wasn’t enough, Clayrene took her talents to an even more unconventional level – drawing on water.

The process of drawing on water is very challenging but exciting, I could ruin my artwork anytime with a wrong stroke!” she said. “Hence, it just feels like making a wish in the wishing well and the dream comes true once the artwork is completed.”

Here are some of Clayrene’s artwork on water:



Speaking of dreams coming true, Clayrene’s nail polish fashion sketches such as these are will make you feel like you’re looking into someone’s mind while they drift off into some fantastical world, asleep. Just look at how stunning these are!




She also uses some pieces of clothing, papers and other design materials to make the designs look more realistic and edgy.


She also shares short video clips showing the process of drawing fashion pieces using nail polish.


Through this art journey, it motivates me to dare to dream, to always inspire and to be an inspiration for others,” Clayrene said.

Due to her creativity and stunning works of art, Clayrene now has more than 13k followers (and counting!) Follow @artclaytion on Instagram for more nail polish/fashion inspiration.


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