Women Donned ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Costumes In Court To Protest Anti-Abortion Bill


Women in Ohio turned up in court wearing The Handmaid’s Tale costumes to protest something important.

Dressed as “handmaid’s” from The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood and now a Hulu series lauded for its cinematography and feminist message, protesters joined the first hearing for Ohio Senate Bill 145, which criminalizes and bans abortions during the second semester.

The protesters sat in red garb and white hats (otherwise known as “wings” in the series) during the court proceedings, looking like characters from the show.

In The Handmaid’s Tale, an epidemic of infertility has fallen over mankind and only a handful of women are able to bear children.

After an attack by some religious group, America is transformed back to the old ways by certain leaders (no more Tinder, no more Uber) and these fertile women were put into “training centers” where they were tortured, threatened and trained to become handmaids whose sole purpose were to bear children for their “commanders.” It’s basically rape disguised as a religious “ceremony.”

The protest in Ohio itself is a loud outcry against Senate Bill 145, which is sponsored by Republican Senators Matt Huffman and Steve Wilson.

If the bill passes and is signed into law, it would mean dilation and evacuation or D&E (the safest method of abortion) will be banned all throughout the state of Ohio.

Doctors who will be performing D&E on women who are pregnant during the second trimester will also be imprisoned.

This comes after a similar anti-abortion bill has been passed in Texas.

Various personalities and groups have been protesting the different laws being passed through out the country, which are removing women’s rights to their own bodies and their rights to decide whether or not they are capable of raising a child.

Today’s America (Well, Trump’s America) is basically The Handmaid’s Tale coming to life. And it’s terrifying.


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