Tangerine Hair Is the Summer Hair Color We’ve Been Waiting For


What we love about summer is that everyone seems to be more adventurous than usual – A proof of that is the Tangerine Hair trend that is brewing on Instagram.

Tangerine Hair or Citrus Hair incorporates pastel pink, orange and shades of red to get that eye-popping, bright and fiery color.

To be honest, it kinda reminds us of the prickly heat of the sun when you’re lying on the sand in the beach somewhere.

Or perhaps a citrusy drink you drink after an afternoon of biking around town. Or maybe we just need to take our Vitamin C tablets?

However, this hair color may look sweet but the whole process may take a few hours, hairstylist Jamie Cramer told Glamour.

But what’s a numb feeling in your butt after a few hours of sitting if you can have these lime/peach/tangerine colors on your head, right?

Here are some of the prettiest Tangerine Hair colors on Instagram right now:

Perfect sherbet hair. color by me, cut & style by @jackiessecret__

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#tangerinehair #orangehair

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🔃тнe oтнer ѕιde oғ yeѕтerdayѕ вraιded υpdo 🍊🍋 #inspiredbyb3 #pulpriothair #orangehair #citrushair #braidsonbraids

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