Summer Is Mermaid Season


Okay we’re generalizing, since it can be mermaid season all year long, but there is something about the warmer temps and everybody kinda having a glow (whether from highlighter or sweat, we can’t say) that not only screams summer, but also mermaid/man vibes all day.

We’ve found some of the best inspiration on the Internet to help you live your best mermaid life all summer, nay, all year long:

These abalone shell slivers on a gold chain. Definitely Tiffany for mermaids:

A shining, shimmering mermaid blanket to channel your inner sea creature, even if it’s chilly outside:

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Adorable clam clutch bags to hold your thingamabobs:

Of course, mermaids have some of the best boob wear, if they actually wear a bra. But hey it’s fun to imagine! The brand Margarita Mermaid makes some of the most magical swim/multi-wear suits, inspired by magical beings:

Budget-friendly (and mermaidesque!) swimwear at your local target? Yes please.

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Being a mermaid doesn’t mean you skimp out on work or school! These mer-notebooks still let you channel the mermaid vibe:

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But if you must be extra when jotting down notes, have a gander at this sparkly, color-changing beauty:

Mermaids need to keep hydrated, no duh:

And while you’re at it, mermaids also don’t want plastic straws that take forever to decompose, floating in the seas after being used for a total of 20 minutes. So they stick to reusable options, like these ones:

‘Excuse me, but could turn down the light?’ Oh, you mean from my clam and pearl night light that changes color? Sure would be happy to.

An actually wearable mermaid-scale dress that shy merms wouldn’t be too embarrassed to rock:

It’s pink, it’s shiny, and it looks hella cute. Definitely mermaid approved in my book:

#yaass ? In what color? @vinnieboyvintage 🍦 📷 by @audenzahome ❤

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Here’s some kitschy-cute wall stickers to stick on the tub too, you know, where you imagine mermaid life the most:

This pool floatie fit for mermaid Venus herself:

And to help you dream all your undersea dreams, some adorable bedding:

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