Starting 2018 By Having A Life Free Of Toxic People


2018 is coming! Every turn of the year since the advent of social media, you’ve probably seen every version of “New year, new me!” there is, and more often than not it will revolve around somebody’s diet or gym commitment.

But aside from treating your mind better, promise yourself the gift of peace of mind too, and the one that should top the list is removing toxic people from your life.

How do you know they’re toxic, you ask?

You know that person who only ever seems to pop up in your messages whenever they need something? A little favor, money, practically anything under the sun, they will ask of it from you and disappear after they’ve gotten what they want.

Or how about that person who’s quick to belittle your achievements, no matter how small it is? Oh, you just ran a half marathon? They’ll be sure to tell you that they ran a full one. Your kid scored an A in that subject they worked especially hard on? Well, their tyke got straight A’s, thankyouverymuch.

Is someone taking credit for your hard work or passion project? You know, that one person who isn’t around for the work but come show time, they’re front and center, waiting to bask in the applause they don’t deserve?

For sure there are people like the ones described above who popped in your head, and for 2018, it’s time to do what is best for your peace of mind: be rid of them.

While of course it’s not that easy, since it could be a co-worker or a boss that fits into the descriptions above, you can skirt around their bad habits and toxic ways.

Like saying no to a night out on a workday when you know you’ll be dead tired the next day, setting firm boundaries on that person who likes to take and take but never reciprocate,  and refuse to feed the ego of the one who always seems to want to one up you by taking the bait of competing.

This year has been a rollercoaster enough for everyone; one that has dove into loops of repeated stinking dumpster fires; and while you certainly can’t fix everything going on with everyone, you can however start small by taking a chance on improving the person who deserves it the most: you.


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