Insomnia? Listen To This Song To Help You Fall Asleep, Scientists Say


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Trouble sleeping? Listen to this song to help you fall asleep.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent your college life and the years after, curled up in front of a laptop in the wee after-midnight hours watching Youtube videos because you couldn’t sleep.

It may be the 3 cups of coffee you consumed to stay awake throughout the day or it may be because you’re a night owl but needless to say, it’s frustrating to toss and turn in bed knowing you have to wake up really early for school or work the next day.

There’s hope for all of us, nocturnal creatures, because researchers at Mindlab International have uncovered a song that has been proven by science to encourage sleep and reduce anxiety.

The song is called “Weightless” by Marconi Union. It is an 8-minute song with relaxing harmonies, rhythms and chimes that were reportedly designed by sound therapists to help people fall asleep faster and better.

Researchers at Mindlab reportedly played the song to 40 women and found that it reduced overall anxiety by 65% and helped them relax. It was said to be 11% more relaxing than any other song known to induce sleep.

According to The National Institutes of Health, an estimated 30% of the general population experience insomnia or sleep disruption. Meanwhile, 10% experience a daytime impairment because of insomnia.

A 2005 poll conducted by National Sleep Foundation found that 63% percent of women experienced symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights per week while 54% of men experience the said symptoms.

Consistently lacking sleep could have many adverse effects on our body, including mood disturbances, fatigue, lack of focus and decreased performance in school or work. This could also pose a great threat to once safety, especially after the body crashes and one falls asleep just about anywhere or anytime – the scariest is when you’re doing something that needs full attention like driving.

So the next time you have difficulty sleeping, put on your headphones and listen to “Weightless.” Researchers at Mindlab also recommended other tunes like, “Someone Like You” by Adele, “We Can Fly” by Rue du Soleil, “Canzonetta Sull’aria” by Mozart, “Pure Shores” by All Saints, “Please Don’t Go” by Barcelona, “Electra” by Airstream, “Watermark” by Enya and “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay.


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