Something Strange With Your Nails? It’s A Warning Sign


Something strange with your nails?

The body is a wonderful machine, capable of showing you that something is wrong even before you feel any pain.

One of the ways it tells you that something in your diet or medication, or maybe an underlying medical condition is affecting your health is through your nails.

Healthy nails generally appear smooth and have an even coloring, but it is important to note that factors like age can make it a little brittle, or have ridges. Doctors said it is relatively harmless, and if you have spots caused by injury it should go away on its own after awhile.

But nail abnormalities causing it to change shape, color, or texture can be considered by your doctor, along with other physical examinations, in making a diagnosis.

Among the common illnesses wherein nail abnormalities can serve as symptoms include diabetes, liver disease, congestive heart failure, internal malignancies, internal malignancies, lymphedema (swelling of the hands), pleural effusions (fluid buildup between the lungs and chest cavity), respiratory illnesses such as chronic bronchitis or sinusitis, or even rheumatoid arthritis.

It is important to consult with your doctor if there are rapid changes to your nails and if it is causing you any discomfort.

Taking good care of your nails is also vital in keeping it healthy, as even without any underlying condition healthy and well-kept nails are positive indications of good health and hygiene.

Regularly trim your nails, and if it is brittle or tears easily, it is best to keep them short and cut it after a bath, where it is softer and more malleable to being cut.

Do not tear at hangnails or at your cuticles, as it can cause small cuts where infections can arise, and use lotion on the nail bed and cuticles to keep it moisturized.

When going to a salon, make sure the nail technicians use proper sterilization techniques of their equipment, as you cannot always be sure of the people it was previously used on, and avoid the long term use of chemicals on your nails, such a nail polish and nail polish removers.



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