Someone Invented Needle-Free Vaccines And They Actually Work


Let’s all agree on one thing: Needles suck — thank God for needle-free vaccines.

So, it’s completely understandable if people would rather go through a week of snot, cough and fever than get a flu shot.

If only there was a way to administer certain vaccines without the use of needles but with the same gravity of its effects. Oh, wait…

Recent reports say that needle-free vaccines are currently had recently been tested and have been found to be as effective as those administered through needles.

According to NBC News, researchers reported last Tuesday that the newly invented “press-on patch vaccines” worked painlessly with no side effects.

Aside from its painless ability, the patch was actually easy to use during their test, reports say.

Somehow it’s still uncertain on how the vaccine had entered the bloodstream, however, the people behind the first test of the patch shared that it actually delivered that same immune response as a regular shot.

“It was really simple. It’s kind of like a band-aid almost. It’s not like a shot at all,” said Daisy Bourassa, a college instructor who tried the new vaccine for the study. “If I had to describe it is maybe like pressing down on the hard side of Velcro. It is like a bunch of little teeny tiny stick things that you can feel but it’s not painful,”

A report suggests that this innovation will also be painless in terms of its price. It will also serve as a big help in times of flu outbreak.

“It would remove the bottleneck of actually going to a health care provider to actually receive the vaccine, and it could put people less at risk of acquiring influenza in the hospital and clinic by just receiving it at their home,” said Dr. Nadine Rouphael, an associate professor at the Emory University School of Medicine and lead author of the trial.

Times are changing, y’all. And for people who have particularly dismal feelings towards needles, this needle-free vaccine is restoring our hopes in unicorns. Seriously, #FeelingBlessed.


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