Skincare Tip: Skip Using Your Towel


Skip the bacteria-infested towel, air dry your face!

Our skincare advice for today is begging you to break something so ingrained, so routinary, that you’ll probably be hissing ‘Shit!’ as you break the advice yet again.

Wiping your face, specifically, with a second-day towel.

Into The Gloss writer Ashley Weatherford says she’s been skipping wiping her face with a towel after cleansing, and that her skin “looks better because of it.”

“Now I bet you want some evidence that supports this. Happy to deliver—let’s look at the facts. When you dry your face with a towel, a towel gets wet. That’s fine for day one, but as you keep using it throughout the week, bacteria starts to grow and spread in this moist (shudders) environment,” she writes.

Water is what a welcome mat is to our houses: it invites all the nasties in, whether we like it or not.

There’s all kinds of bacteria circulating in our moist as heck toilets and bathrooms (yes, no matter how tightly we shut that toilet bowl!) and some of it is for sure settling on your towels.

“Most of them are totally harmless, but some, like Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis, can create a skin bacteria ecosystem situation that helps acne bacteria thrive,” adds Weatherford. “Point is that dirty wet towels are not kind to acne-prone skin.”

So how does one go about it? Lucky for us it’s  a no brainer. After cleansing with your face wash, proceed to rinsing and afterward… don’t touch your face.

“It takes about five minutes for my face to fully dry—a time I usually spend pulling up my pants or vigorously moisturizing my body. In the summer, I stand in front of my fan for 30 seconds. Gets the job done. In a mad rush I’ll dry with a paper towel. But usually I just let the water dry on my face naturally,” Weatherford writes.

But to be clear, this towel ban isn’t exactly going to be the one true solution to all your skin woes, specifically acne.

“I’d say it’s one of the dozen or so small steps that helps keep pimples out of my life, for the most part. Good enough for me,” says Weatherford.

Would you want to give it a try?



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