Skin Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


Sun’s out, bums out – which makes each and everyone of us at higher risk to Skin Cancer symptoms.

Unless you want to live life under an umbrella or living long-sleeved shirts all the time, you are not safe from Skin Cancer.

Skin Cancer is a destructive malignant growth in the skin. “It originates from the cells that line up along the membrane that separates the superficial layer of skin from the deeper layers,” according to

As long as you have skin and as long as the sun is hasn’t yet died yet, we are all susceptible to this disease.

This summer, watch out for the following Skin Cancer symptoms that you might have been ignoring.

1. Dry And Scaly Skin

You might think it’s just your lotion but sometimes, skin cancer manifests itself as scaly skin. Doctors call it the “ugly duckling sign” but they’re actually lesions or scaly spots on the skin. You know, the kind of scabs you like picking off with a finger nail? If scaly spots suddenly show up without you having any memory how you got it, it’s best to go get it checked.

2. Bumps And Moles

Weird moles and bumps should also be checked out because it’s the most common way basal cell carcinoma manifests itself. Most of these bumps and moles show up in places often exposed to the sun. While most moles appear to be innocent or non-malignant, there are moles that are actually painful when touched. These kinds of moles are usually cancerous.

3. Ever-Changing Spots

Spots and discoloration in some areas of the skin can also be a Skin Cancer Symptom. It’s normal to develop age spots, of course, but spots that change color every now and then can be worrisome. Also, spots that have jagged edges, are asymmetrical and are bigger than a pea or just any spot that changes in size, color and shape – these should get checked out by a physician.


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