A New And Dark Mermaid Series Entitled ‘Siren’ Is Worth A Watch


Put Siren in your watch-list!

Imagine being stripped from the only world you know and finding yourself in a new place where the inhabitants might not be as welcoming?

A new show on Freeform coming out next year (no release date yet, keeping an eye out!) explores the dark choices a mermaid makes when she suddenly grows legs and finds herself interacting with the residents of a small Washington town.

The Siren isn’t your Ariel-type “I wanna be where the people are” storyline, and she doesn’t seem to be at all cheerful to explore the world out of the water.

The trailer is amazing, depicting the sleepy little town in the middle of a mermaid-themed local celebration, and a shopowner of mermaid paraphernalia meeting a disshelved, odd looking girl hinted to be the titular mermaid face-to-face, where they have  an ominous, almost knowing look between them.

The men who work the boats are in talks too, after stories of a large, unusual catch during a big storm gets some fishermen injured.

The trailer also  shows the mermaid attacking a man who tries to hit on her, leaving him bloody and motionless on top of a car.

Eline Powell, who plays this mythical creature, told Refinery29 that while the mermaid is menacing, she’s also sympathetic toward her character. “I think we act very hostile when we’re scared. When we’re in new environments and primarily when we feel threatened,” she said.

“We’ve all been in those situations. I constantly just try to reverse it. Like if I went to an alien planet or if I went in the sea, how I would react?”

Good point, Eline. It’s gonna be cool to see how she straddles the line in making a beautiful but fearsome mythical creature sympathetic to audiences because of the situation she’s in, and terrify the hell out them at the same time.


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