Why You Shouldn’t Care If Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant



It’s been a wild weekend for everybody for sure: from Steph Curry’s White House diss, to Donald Trump angrier about kneeling football players than he is about addressing white supremacy, then of course, the Kylie Jenner baby mama drama.

While no one from either the Kardashian-Jenner clan or Travis Scott (the rumored baby father) has officially confirmed the news, you can bet the Internet already had something to say, and well, not a lot of them were of the congratulatory kind.

Nylon writer Lisa Eppich would like for you to stop rolling your eyes at the news and think about why you should care about the narrative that her rumored pregnancy is running around on.

People are saying she’s too young, that she and Scott haven’t been together for too long, that they didn’t use protection, and all the other ‘tsk-tsk’ and pearl necklace clutching reactions there could possibly be, but Eppich urges you to think, that if you took away their money, influence, and fame, would her situation really be any different from other women all over America?

“This narrative is exactly what we are dealing with everywhere, in every state, in every city across the United States, to women who have far fewer resources and privilege. The Trump administration is attacking women’s rights at every turn, from attacking a woman’s right to choose to, most recently, overturning campus sexual assault protections,” writes Eppich.

And adding to the whole situation is the fact that Kylie’s boyfriend is also African-American; then race also comes into play: there have already been unbelievably racist reactions against Scott for allegedly fathering a child with a white 20-year old.

“The administration has also emboldened white supremacy, which loves nothing more than creating twisted narratives about dangerous men of color impregnating susceptible young women, and casting women of color as welfare queens with more kids they can afford and the like.

Which is all to say, all of this is so incredibly relevant even if it’s happening to a celebrity you could care less about,” continued Eppich.

She continues that it’s important to call out people, even those close to you, about what they speculate Kylie might have done and what she wanted with Scott. Name-calling, slut-shaming, even jokes about her getting an abortion are all destructive behaviors, as it can translate into real-life feelings even if they’re projecting it onto a seemingly unreachable celebrity.

“But look at it this way. If we can’t stand up for Kylie Jenner, can we stand up for our sisters and friends? For your neighbor, or that girl you went to high school with? For the person of color in the neighborhood who’s been racially profiled? Can you stand up for yourself?”


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