Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse Victims Were Given A Day In Court And It Was Powerful


[Trigger warning: Sexual assault] — Former USA Gymnastics Team and Michigan State sports doctor, Larry Nassar had his downfall coming. The sports physician have been accused by hundreds of women, mostly former gymnasts and athletes, of blatant sexual assault, most of the incidents happened in his clinic or during a consultation with Nassar.

As part of his sentencing, Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Acquilana, allowed Nassar’s victims to face the sexual predator and confront him. Here are some of the most powerful and quotable quotes from their speeches in court.

“While I came to this stand as a victim, I leave as victor.” — Stephanie Robinson

“As you deteriorate in prison, I want you to remember you lost.” — Mary Fisher-Follmer
(on behalf of her daughters, Katherine and Maureen)

“I realized the only way I could get him to stop was if I lied and told him pain was all gone.” — Madeline Johnson

“I’m not pretending it didn’t happen anymore. I’m just moving past it.” — Samantha Ursch

“There is no therapy, no cure for monsters like you. You are pure evil.” — Jamie Dantzscher

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“I hope being reduced to a (prison) number will define you as it defined me for so many years. I will no longer be known as a number, and I will be Dr. Danielle Moore.” — Danielle Moore

“He molested me and he molested me with my mom in the room.” — Rebecca Mark

“I refuse to let Larry Nassar take anything more from here. He’s already taken enough.” —
Amanda Barterian

“I am no longer broken by you. Every day I grow a new strength and look into the mirror to see a strong, unbreakable person. Nothing will ever take away what you’ve done to me or to the others that started behind me. However, we can walk free and radiate the strength that we’ve gained from your horrific acts, something you will never be able to do.” — Jade Capua

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Before every appointment, I cried in the bathroom. After every appointment, I couldn’t wait to get home and shower.” — Madeline Jones

“Come hell or high water we’ll take every last one of you down that could have stopped this monster.” — Amy Labadie

“While his fingers were inside of me, he would apply pressure to the outside of my lower abdomen and massage the inside of my vaginal area.” — Marie Anderson

“I am done being ashamed of something that was out of my control.” — Megan Ginter

“Today is a new day. Today I am claiming my freedom from you. Today I am breaking free from the chains you put me in 20 years ago. Today I am finally free. I am standing here reclaiming the voice that you stole from me. I am reclaiming my confidence. I am reclaiming the power you took from me. I am reclaiming Larissa Michell, that innocent girl you abused. I am no longer that little girl. I am taking her back, I have the control now.” — Larissa Michell Boyce

larry nassar sexual abuse

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“You sewed a destructive black seed in my daughter’s innocent mind and body.” — William Michell
(Larissa’s father)

“While my mind heals and filters out the evil sickness that you unwillingly bestowed upon my body your mind will get darker and darker and you will hate yourself almost as much as everyone hates you in this room right now.” — Bailey Lorencen

“To all my sisters, we need to stand, fight back and not rest until this mess is up mopped up; each and every crumb.” — Valerie Webb

“In 2009, she took her own life. She couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Every day I miss her, every day. It all started with him.” — Donna Markham (Speaking for Chelsey, who committed suicide).

Good riddance, Larry Nassar. May you rot in hell.


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