15 ‘Sex And The City’ Quotes That Taught You Everything About Love, Life and NYC


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There’s nothing like HBO re-runs and good Sex and the City quotes to get you through any life crisis or relationship drama. Although we now only have old episodes and two movies to count on, there’s no reason why we should forget these words of wisdom from Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

Here are 15 of the best Sex and the City quotes that taught us everything about life, love and living in New York City.

1. “Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.”

sex and the city quotes

2.“Listen to me! The right guy is an illusion. Start living your lives.”

sex and the city quotes

3.”And then I realized something, twenty-something girls are just fabulous, until you see one with the man who broke your heart.”

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4.“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… This is known as Fashion Week.”

sex and the city quotes

5.“Friendships don’t magically last 40 years. You have to invest in them. It’s like your savings: You don’t expect to wake up one day when you’re old and find a big bucket of money waiting there.”

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6.”The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

sex and the city quotes

7.“So maybe it won’t look like you thought it would in high school, but it’s important to remember that love is possible. Anything is possible. This is New York.”

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8.“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go. But friendships never go out of style.”

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9.”It’s been said that New Yorkers are the most jaded people in the world. The fact is, we’ve pretty much done and seen it all. It takes quite a bit to shock us.”

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10.“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And, if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

sex and the city quotes
11.“The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them and others you don’t, but in the end, they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.”

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12.“In New York, you’re always looking for a job, apartment or a boyfriend.”

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13.“Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”

sex and the city quotes - maybe the past is like an anchor

14.“One of the best things about living in a city like New York is leaving it.”

sex and the city quotes

15. “I’m someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”

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