Seth Meyers Did Not Hold Back In Addressing Hollywood’s Sexual Predators


Last Sunday, first time Golden Globes host Seth Meyers did not come to play nice, at least where Hollywood’s predators came into the discussion.

Meyers played host at the 75th Golden Globe Awards which itself had become a ground for protest and raising awareness against one of Hollywood’s (and anywhere else really) most hush-hush open secrets: rampant sexual abuse, misogyny, and objectification across a myriad of areas: gender, race, income, and a whole lot more.

People noted that before the big night,  Meyers had said in a statement that his hosting would not shy away from the serious issues that have finally surfaced from Hollywood, and that it would also be politically charged, to a degree.

“With the monologue, as far as talking about anything in the news right now, it seems like this year more than ever Hollywood has its own internal politics that obviously deserve to be talked about,” he said in an interview with People, referencing disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey and how the industry adjusted to the antics of sexual predators, especially if they were white men.

His opening line definitely delivered.

“Good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen,” he began. “Happy New Year, Hollywood. It’s 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t. It’s going to be a good year. This was the year of big little lies and get out, and also the television series Big Little Lies and the movie Get Out,” referencing Weinstein getting booted out from his own company, and Spacey’s getting sacked from House of Cards.

“For the male nominees in the room, it’s the first time in months it won’t be terrifying to hear your name read out loud,” he continued. “‘Did you hear about Willem Dafoe?’ ‘Oh God, no!’ ‘He was nominated!’”

Meyers took aim again at Weinstein, the most prolific of the bunch after more than 60 (sixty women, guys!! Geez!) gave similar accounts of how he would use aspiring actresses for his sexual gain at the promise of a career in acting.

“Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because, well, I heard rumors that he’s crazy and difficult to work with,” said Meyers. “Don’t worry, he’ll back in 20 years. He’ll be the first person to ever boo during the In Memoriam.”

Weinstein’s camp continues to deny the allegations, with a spokesperson previously telling People that “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

In regards to Spacey, who was also accused of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, Meyers asked if Christopher Plummer could replace the actor in the new season of House of Cards. (Plummer replaced Spacey in All the Money in the World.)

“I hope [Plummer] can do a Southern accent, because Kevin Spacey sure couldn’t,” he said.

“Oh, is that too mean?” he added after someone booed. “For Kevin Spacey?”

With the theme of show, he said there were moves to have women host the show as it ‘would be more appropriate.’

“They tried to get a woman to host this show, they really did,” he continued. “They said: ‘How would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood?’ [The women] said: ‘Where is it?’ And they said it’s at a hotel and long story short, here I am.”

Meyers also made a point to zing President Donald Trump: “A string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president: Hollywood Foreign Press. The only name that would make him angrier would be the Hillary Mexico Salad Association.”

The Saturday Night Live alum said he felt compelled to include Trump in the narrative even though “there are times where I wish we were talking about other things.”

“He holds the keys to us not talking about him, which would to be to just behave differently,” said Meyers. “But while he continues on this path, we’ll continue on ours.”

The Golden Globes put focus on the Time’s Up initiative against sexual harassment, assault, and abuse in the workplace, alongside the #MeToo movement of survivors.

To donate to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which will provide subsidized legal support to women and men in all industries who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace, visit its GoFundMe page.

Learn more about Time’s Up, an organization of women in entertainment combating sexual harassment and inequality, on its website.


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