Serena Williams In Not Only A Champion, She’s Also A Classy Woman


Serena Williams: champion tennis player, momma, and also a classy answer-giver at interviews.

Twitter got in a furor after a (understandably) cringey transcript of an interview with French Open 2018 grand slam champion Serena Williams was posted, and we’ll tell you, it had absolutely nothing to do with tennis.

The snippet of the interview is posted by Jeff Donaldson, social media coordinator at Tennis Canada:

The reporter in question here is Bill Simons of Inside Tennis, which describes itself as the “most compelling tennis magazine in America.”

Williams, who went up against Maria Sharapova, should have never been subjected to such a question which obviously, took more notice of looks rather skill, which she put in the kind of work that we won’t ever even begin to imagine.

Needless to say, it drew in an avalanche of reactions, mostly in support of Williams:


But kudos to Williams, who handled the question as pro as she handles the tennis court.

So, let’s review:

  • Don’t call a professional athlete (or any interview subject for that matter!) ‘Baby,’ unless it’s their given name.
  • What does a pre-President Donald Trump quote from 2004 about a completely different tournament have anything to do with Williams at the 2018 French Open? Nothing. So don’t use it.
  • Please focus on the skill of the athlete: talk about their training, heck, even their pre-game rituals! Don’t make it about looks, especially if it was the opinion of an ageing white man.
  • If you wouldn’t ask it of a male professional athlete, then why ask it of a female athlete?
  • Get your head out of your ass.

We’ve got all of that covered, hopefully Simons, or any other ‘sports analyst’ can take notes next time.


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