Selena Gomez Might Be Working On A Horror Film Project


Is Selena Gomez Working On A Horror Movie?

Between promoting her new single, “Bad Liar,” appearing on magazine covers and working as one of the executive producers on 13 Reasons Why, the “Good For You” singer has reportedly been busy with another project – a horror movie.

From one of her latest Insta-Story post, Gomez shared that she is very excited to do a horror film.

Hello Giggles reported that the singer and actress is somehow hinting at director Eli Roth that she wants to star in a movie that will make you forget she was ever in a Disney TV show.

Selena Gomez worked with Roth in 2012 movie “Aftershock” and since Wizards of Waverly Place, the actress tagged director Roth, expectations are high that we will see Selena Gomez starring in a horror movie one of these days.

Some reports say there is a big possibility that the horror movie will push through and that Selena Gomez is looking forward to it.

Petra Collins shared to Vanity Fair at the Gucci Bloom party that she and Gomez have already shared thoughts about creating the film, Marie Claire reported.

“I love The Exorcist and the things that come from inside you, the things that are a little more subtle, and things that you deal with from inwards, and I feel like it’s something Selena and I both love talking about . . . that topic is sort of dear to us,” Collins said.

Things seem to be going well with Sel, career-wise and relationship-wise. And let’s admit – after everything she has gone through (and still choosing to “kill people with kindness”), she deserves all the good in the world.

Yay, Selena!


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