Science Confirms Dogs Can Tell If You’re A Bad Person


Ever suspected that dogs can tell whether or not you like them?

Science recently confirmed what all loving dog parents know to be true: your goofy pup is actually incredibly insightful, and know when they’re in the presence of some bad energy.

Research published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews found that dogs are capable of recognizing whether someone is a nice person or not, and even more astoundingly , can determine when a human is being awful to another human.

They will pick up on these energies and use that information to determine how to interact with that said awful person, or in the cases wherein the owner is a bit of a, well, dick, might be more aggressive or unresponsive to you.

According to the report, researchers deduced this information after two sets of experiments with some pooches watching: volunteers pretended to struggle at opening a container before asking two researchers to help them.

In the first experiment, one researcher stood there and ignored the pleading volunteer, while another colleague offered to help. Then in the second scenario, one researcher still ignored the volunteer, while the other researcher “actively” refused to lend a hand.

Maybe that particular researcher was being loud about it, or showed aggression, it wasn’t stated specifically; but researchers of the study found that after the two sets of scenarios, the observing pups were then offered treats, and were more likely to accept the treats offered by the ‘passive’ researchers and the ‘nice’ researcher who offered to help open the container, and were “significantly more likely” to outright ignore the researcher who had actively acted out their refusal to help open the container.

The scientists then concluded dogs are able to tell if someone is being incredibly awful, and believe it or not, judge them accordingly.

That’s right; the next time you’re being a big boor, your precious Spot is watching and judging.

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Don’t wait until your pup up and slaps you for being awful.


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