Sarah Silverman Fights Fire With Love And An Internet Troll Melts


A few days ago, Twitter was about to get their popcorn out as a sexist troll tried to lay it on comedian and actress Sarah Silverman.

Totally random and uncalled for, right?

While she isn’t exactly one to back down from people who attack her for no reason other than they think the Internet can let them, this time though, Silverman went the unexpected route and didn’t add more gasoline to an angry flame. Instead, she replied with empathy.

You’d think the guy, named Jeremy, would laugh in the face of her kindess, but things escalated after that when he decided to reveal more about how why he was so angry. And it’s heartbreaking and infuriating, to say the least.

And thankfully for Jeremey, Silverman’s show of kindness was not a one time thing. She appeared to be waiting on his reponses.

Jeremy,  appearing to also now be sincere in his responses, said he was only smoking marijuana but also taking prescription drugs. Silverman’s compassion extended further when she recommended he go to a support group of people who have been through the same unfortunate experience, telling Jeremy he might even meet his ‘best bros’ there.

Her paying attention to his problems finally brought out the best in the supposed troll, as Jeremy found the spirit to apologize for his initial actions.

It’s heartwarming too that the comedian, known for her often dark humor and who had gotten in trouble with the etiquette police before, would stand for a guy venting out his frustrations on total strangers on the Internet, saying he can be a decent human being if he wanted to be.

Maybe it’s one of those occurrences where fate just worked its way around a would-be toxic encounter, to let it end for the better for someone who has been through so much and is so bitter for so long.

Silverman has a new fan now, for sure.

Jeremy then takes the time to thank those who have been sending him messages of support too, no doubt while scrolling through Silverman’s responses and choice to be compassionate.

AIRROSTI even reached out to the actress and Jeremy to help him get back on his feet.

All’s well that ends well!



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