Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response When Asked Which Chris Was Hottest


The charm and wit of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds  seems to even translate offscreen and onto our  phones, if his Twitter is any evidence.

Last Tuesday, Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) decided to get in on a poll that declared that only he could settle ‘once and for all,’: who was the hottest Chris is Hollywood?

Instead of ranking the Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America star individually, trust Reynolds for both flattery and hilarity:

LOL! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

But wait, users were quick to point out that the poll missed another very prolific Hollywood hottie Chris, and it happened to be none other than Star Trek’s Chris Pine.

Reynolds had an even better answer when it came to including Mr. Pine:

Not to sound gross or anything, but we could get behind that sort of ice cream concoction, you know?

Reynolds isn’t just all about answering polls and engaging with fans via social media, he’s here for a higher purpose: and it’s to troll his family.

Just kidding! He also actively promotes charitable movements and events he supports.

Turn notifications on for Ryan Reynolds, for sure.


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