Royal Wedding: Why Meghan Markle’s Mom Was Seated At The Second Row


Meghan Markle’s mom deserved to be at the second row, and here’s why:

While tears were shed in remembrance of Princess Diana’s youngest son getting hitched, the world also turned its eyes to another unlikely heroine in the story that so many women of color, especially black women, can relate to: Doria Ragland, the strong, silent, beautiful single mother ready to support her child and the enormous role she was marrying into.

But shouldn’t this beautiful 61 year old been seated front and center at St. George’s Chapel while she watched Meghan take her vows to Prince Harry, instead of second row? The Internet asked.
Well, here’s your answer.

For one, it’s the seating plan decided on by the newly hitched royal couple, which they worked on with their coordinator from the Lord Chamberlain’s office. Secondly, the cameras could capture her better.
And boy did it. Alongside Doria, the world wept, listened, smiled, and cheered at the history her daughter and Prince Harry were making.

It’s important to note too that Queen Elizabeth II was seated in second row, but on the opposite side of Momma Ragland.

But since she made her quiet presence felt in the days leading up to the royal wedding, people have fallen inlove with Doria:

Plus the fact she chose to wear her hair in locs meant so many things to women in the black community, who don’t often get to see their natural hair in places and events as grand and global as a British royal wedding:


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