The Royal Family Just Announced Duchess Kate Middleton’s Due Date


Looks like we’ll have some Royal family news to look forward to in the spring: Duchess Kate, pregnant with her third child, is due to give birth in April 2018!

Kate, the wife of William, Duke of Cambridge and mommy to Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, first confirmed her pregnancy in September and has since been pretty low-key about it until the due date announcement.

But as with any news concerning the popular royals, people keep speculating one step ahead and are already eager as to what the name of the unborn royal will be.

Speculations are swirling that Kate will name the baby (if it’s a girl) after William’s mother, the late great Princess Diana, while sticking to more traditional names if it will be a boy.

While William and Kate seem like the ultimate #familygoals, you gotta give Kate more props for deciding to carry out another pregnancy even after she is prone to Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) as with her first two pregnancies.

HG can cause insane pain and discomfort in a pregnant woman, and has caused Kate to sit out on some appearances and family events, like George’s first day of school; but with children as adorable as the ones she and William make, for sure it’s all worth it.

The Queen meanwhile has said in a statement that she was “delighted” at the news of a third baby for William and Kate, and the Duke and Duchess’ brood will be the first batch of English royals in nearly 60 years to be three siblings instead of the usual two.


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