Being A ‘Ride Or Die’ Doesn’t Mean Your Partner Can Walk All Over You


There’s been an explosion recently of people staying in shitty relationships hoping that in time, their partner will act for the better because the other is acting as the “ride or die,” meaning, they’ll stick with the relationship no matter how their partner treats them.

It’s frankly martyr-like and stupid, and being a ‘ride or die’ is no excuse for someone to manipulate you into staying in a relationship.

But I’m serious about my S.O.! We can make it through!

If you’re talking about the financial situation, then congratulations, your partner has found true love.

Fact of the matter is, being a ride or die means staying loyal and loving your significant other whether it means they can shower you with luxuries or when they’re struggling and building towards a better life.

What a ride or die does not mean, is when they cheat and treat you like shit multiple times in the relationship, and still expect you to be there for them.

That is emotional manipulation, and you are never obligated to stay in such a situation no matter what the two of you have talked about early on in your relationship when feelings were still new and promises came easy.

Also, being someone’s “ride or die” doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, it’s also the same with friendships: why are you sticking around and letting someone treat you like shit just because they expect you to always be the one to understand ?

Relationships and other bonds that you have in your life should always be give and take, and that doesn’t always have to translate into material things.

If you are giving 100% of your loyalty, patience, understanding, and love  to someone, treating them as preciously as you can because you value them, then honey, you have every right to expect nothing less in return.


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