Relationship Tips: Is He A Cheater Or Are You Just Paranoid? 4 Signs He’s Faithful


relationship tips - signs hes not a cheater

Read these relationship tips and know this: not all men are cheaters!

Sure, you often see it in movies and even experienced it in real life so no one could really blame you if you regularly check his call lists and asked who every woman on his phonebook is. You even smell his dirty laundry for traces of a woman’s perfume or lipstick stains. But baby girl, have you ever stopped to think that maybe your boyfriend is actually loyal and faithful to you?

We know, we know, how do you even know? Well, here are a couple of signs your significant other may NOT be a cheater.

1.) He Never Checks His Phone

Whenever you’re out together on a date, do you notice his cellphone usage? If he barely checks his mobile phone for texts or Facebook messages, that could possibly mean one thing: The person he wants to talk to is sitting right across him. Most cheaters check their phones (even on dates!) to see if their side B wants to hook up. So if he doesn’t take calls cause he wants to be “in the present” with you, you should #feelblessed.

2.) He Openly Talks About His Friends/ Officemates

A cheater has a lot of things to bury so they don’t get caught – that includes his activities and conversations with his friends or officemates. If your boyfriend likes talking to you in detail about what he did and ate and had a conversation with that day, it could be a sign of transparency.

3.) His Friends Are In Faithful Relationships

It may sound like a cliché but birds of a feather really do flock together. Studies show that people who have cheaters for friends are also more likely to cheat. Are your bae’s friends in faithful, long-term relationships? Congratulations! Chances are, he ain’t a dog.

4.) He Doesn’t Get Turned On Easily

Men think with their penises, so every bad decision (including cheating) mostly stems from testosterone – the one responsible for their manlihood, we’ve been told. So if your boyfriend doesn’t get turned on or aroused easily by just random women on the internet or dirty talk then he probably needs a bit more emotional attachment to get it up. That means, he’s less likely to have one-night stands and quickies with long-legged women in the office or at the gym.

What do you think of these relationship tips? Do you think your boyfriend is a cheater? Leave a comment below!


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